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OWAC S.r.l. is an engineering company which has been operating in the “waste to energy” field for many years. The company has a long time experience in waste treatment plants and environmental remediation, starting with the development of the idea, the designing of the system, the management of the construction works and ending with the start-up of the initiative.
The working team has over twenty years experience and is very flexible, qualified and adaptable, able to develop all the required activities with care, high precision and “tailor made” solutions.

At Owac, we have always paid particular attention, both in the field of design and in the field realization, to “conscious behavior” and to the modernization of plants (energy saving, pollution) and of company processes and products. In fact the first reference is the inside of the company, then the neighboring territory then the national and international territory, the latter area, thanks to the awarding of the contract misure 3.4.2, is giving a further opportunity to concentrate investments and organizational efforts in sharing our know-how in the extreme and middle east.

Social Commitment and Corporate Social Responsibility

The commitment starts from a concrete and consolidated experience in the environmental field, with a particular focus on the issue of waste, one of the company’s core business. To the sensitivity and consistency in the design choices, we have always supported the listening of the social fabric that, too often, lives the problem of waste management in emergency conditions. In this sense, owac has invested time and resources in obtaining various authorizations for several years and has actively collaborated in facilitating and speeding up the testing of the 6th pool at the Bellolampo landfill.
The authorizations obtained cover both plants for the treatment of FORSU, managing to produce energy deriving from the combustion of Biogas, and thermal desorption plants, aimed at the reclamation of contaminated soils which, thanks to the technologies used by owac, ​​allow the restoration and reuse of treated land (unlike other technologies that provide for its destruction), in addition to returning the reclaimed land to the company, allowing it to return to the local production cycle.
More in general we can summarize the social impact of Owac, in the last 10 years, with a value in terms of design and implementation of environmental services that covers more than 20 million inhabitants served.In summary: attention to the territory and local communities, to actions to reduce the environmental impact due to energy costs and waste collection: but also great and growing attention to employee involvement and support of corporate culture. Owac with its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) wants to contribute to sustainable development and be attentive and responsible to future generations, as well as strengthening relations with local communities.


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The company’s core business is based on both finding the best solutions to various environmental problems, and improving the quality of life and human health. The services generally carried out by the company consist of designing, consultancies, monitoring, etc.; all these services have therefore, in general, a positive impact on the people involved. Analyzing the various projects and activities carried out by our team over the years, we can graphically quantify the equivalent population that can get advantages from the positive effects linked to OWAC’s activities. The final chart shows a progressive increasing number of people who have been reached with our services since 2008.