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Panoramic view of the plant

You can visit the explanatory note of the project with detailed information and detail rendering

In December 2016 OWAC drew up the Final Design concerning the enlargement of the biological treatment plant for the organic waste separated from urban waste which is located in Catania, “Codavolpe” district.
The project is aimed at the construction of a new section in the existing factory with the purpose of treating, by aerobic biological process, the organic waste deriving from mechanical sorting of mixed urban waste. The new section treatment capacity is up to 150,000 t/y; the treatment technology is the biological stabilization through dynamic and aerated windrows inside enclosed buildings.
The designed layout, together with the existing treatment section, will allow the entire system to manage different waste treatment scenarios, according to the dynamic development planning of separate urban waste collecting objectives. In fact, as reported in the Regional Waste Management Plan, the actual average percentage of MSW separate collecting is 13.4% (and it never reaches 20%); the future development previsions consider to reach the 35%, 40% and 65% of MSW separate collecting, according to the monitoring of the progress reached step by step.