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Termomeccanica S.p.A.

Via del Molo, 1/B – 19126 La Spezia – Italy

Tel. 0187-5521 – Fax 0187-552510


TM.E. has shown itself prepared to face the problem by building a large number of technological treatment plants and disposal of municipal solid waste with energy production and renewable energy production plants from biomass and biogas in Italy, always adopting the most advanced technologies to reduce environmental impacts to a minimum.

Thanks to the experience gained with the purchase of the company Forni ed Impianti Ingg. De Bartolomeis and the Tecnitalia company, and the developments of the internal research programs, TM.E. is able to offer public or private clients all the technical solutions on the market in the field of municipal solid waste. TM.E. in fact, it has all the main waste-to-energy technologies currently in use, such as air and water-cooled grate, fluidized bed and rotating drum; it also has dry, semi-dry and wet fume purification systems together with the removal of nitrogen oxides with thermal and catalytic systems.

The organizational and financial structure of the company has allowed TM.E. to develop even large orders with the “Project Financing” methodology, achieving and managing integrated waste disposal systems, a service for entire provinces or parts of regions. The operational management of the energy production and waste treatment plants has been entrusted to companies totally controlled by TM.E. the tasks of running and maintaining the efficiency of the plants were requested.

From the management came a precious “feedback” of technical and organizational information that allowed a continuous and progressive updating of the products offered by TM.E. to its customers.

In this sector TM.E. realizes:

  • Energy production plants from municipal solid waste, biomass, biogas, wind and solar sources.
  • Smoke treatment plants from waste-to-energy plants and thermoelectric plants
  • MSW (Solid Urban Waste) sorting and recycling plants
  • Composting plants
  • RDF production plants
  • Platforms for the treatment and disposal of hazardous waste