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Realization of the C basin and re-profiling of all the basins – Coda Volpe, Lentini (SR)

Realization of the C basin and re-profiling of all the basins– Coda Volpe, Lentini (SR)

The landfill, authorized with D.D.G. n. 649 of 20/11/2012 (Integrated Environmental Authorization decree pursuant to Legislative Decree 152/06 and subsequent amendments) is destined to receive non-hazardous waste deriving from the mechanical and biological pre-treatment of municipal solid waste, for a total volume of about 3,800,000 cubic meters. The landfill is divided into three distinct basins: basin A and basin B, already completed and in operation; in the start phase of the works of the C basin and of the complete re-profiling of all the basins.

In the third basin, in analogy with the other two, a double network will be set up to collect the leachate produced by the waste, the first for ordinary drainage and the second (lower) for safety. The networks will belong to two separate collection and recovery wells to allow the leachate to be stored in steel tanks above ground positioned in a special tank to contain accidental spills. Finally, the percolate will be sent to the treatment plant provided for the landfill, equipped with an osmosis and ultrafiltration section. The clarified effluent will be sent to the identified surface receptor body, while the concentrate produced by the aforementioned purifying sections will be pumped onto the head of the landfill and through the installation of surface pipes infiltrated into the waste body.