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Quality Compost Production Plant – C.da Santa Catrina (SR)

Plant Data


Località: Siracusa, c.da Santa Catrini ( Italia)

  • Coord. UTM (Fuso 33S): 510,287 E – 4,118,665 N
  • Plant surface: 48537 m2
  • Design Period: 2018
  • Task assignment and carried out: Executive planning and construction management

Technical data

Details and type Treatments:
  • Accelerated bio-oxidation
  • Biocells: no.10, 550 m3 each
  • Average process period: 28 days
  • Potential: 45,000 t / y
  • Working days: 350 d / y
  • Product compost: 14.0000 t / y

Plant description

The plant is authorized for the treatment and recovery (operations R13 and R3 referred to in Annex C of Legislative Decree 152/06 and subsequent amendments) of biodegradable organic waste pursuant to art. 4 of the AIA DDG decree n. 990 of 01/07/2015, for a maximum quantity of 45,000 t / y, in order to obtain quality compost.
The plant has all the necessary equipment to ensure both the correct performance of the composting operations of the organic matrixes conferred and the adequate level of safety of the plant itself and of the surrounding areas (in terms of environmental emissions and human health).
The activities within this plant can be divided into:
  • provision, storage and mechanical pre-treatment of incoming waste;
  • accelerated aerobic biostabilization in biocells;
  • intermediate screening of the material;
  • a first phase of maturation in aerated heaps;
  • final refining and second phase of maturation;
  • storage of the finished product and of the oversized materials.