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Biostabilization plant enlargement – Codavolpe (CT) – Italy

Plant Data


Location: Catania, c.da CodaVolpe (Italy)

  • Coord. UTM (Fuso 33S): 502,872 E – 4,493,845 N
  • Surface: 29700 m2
  • Design Period: 2018
  • Assignement: Final design

Technical data

Details and Treatments:

  • Accelerated bio-oxidation
  • Bio-cells: 32 each of which 275 m3
  • Total period: 21 days
  • Potentiality: 100.000 t/year
  • Working days: 350 d/year

Plant description

Waste entering the plant consists mainly of the undersize deriving from the mechanical pre-selection of undifferentiated urban waste operated within the neighboring mechanical selection plant owned by the proponent (AIADRS No. 248 of 26/03/2009, subsequently amended with DDGNo. 901 of 02/12/2011 and with DDG No. 443 of 10/08/2012).The biostabilization plant is aimed at producing quality compost.

The modification project envisages the creation of a new plant engineering section for the aerobic treatment of the under-cut fraction deriving from mechanical selection of undifferentiated urban waste having an additional maximum potential of 100,000 t / year, equal to about 286 t / day, through aerated piles and periodically turned inside two sheds subjected to forced ventilation and treatment of exhausted tunes.

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