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Plant description


Location: Palermo – “sport city” area in S. Filippo Neri (ZEN) district

Superficie: 76.900 m2

Design level: Public bidding procedure, for the redevelopment of 10 peripherals urban areas.

Design period: 2016

Client: Minister for Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism – General Director for Contemporary Art and Architecture and Suburbs and National Council of Architects, Planners, Landscapers and Conservator

Partnership: Arch. Anna Mocciaro

Project description

Sport, nature, environmental sustainability, the spirit to bring together in free and working time, the diffusion of the current technologies and the sustainable mobility are the basis of the design concept for the requalification of the “Sport City” area in the northern outskirts of Palermo. The park will have to absorb the needs of the district S. Filippo Neri for his requalification and development, as well as the needs of the entire city.

The square, in its oldest meaning, is the “meeting point”, the central core of the Park that aims to link the different functions that coexist in the area.

The “Green Energy” area is assigned for co-working and using technological systems powered by renewable energy.

The Media Lab is a place for design and learning pathways.

The School garden, with the partnership of the neighborhood schools, promotes the correct use of the environment and a healthy diet in compliance of the nature and its seasons.

Green equipped Area – Fitness: Inside the park there are places for physical activities and equipment which everyone could use.

The district Laboratory is a place where people will be able to discuss and face the issues related to the neighborhood, achieving a shared vision of the city in future.

Facilities: the conversion of the baseball field is expected, building a skating rink 20×40, an outdoor pool 25×50 with movable walls for training courses in various disciplines, a skateboard and bmx park.