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NON-HAZARDOUS WASTE LANDFILL: Project to implement the third basin and reprofiling of all basins

Plant Data


  • Localition: Lentini (SR)
  • Coord. UTM (Zone 33S):
    502.745 E – 4.135.703 N
  • Surface of hte nrw basin: 30.600 m²
  • Volume anew basin: 971.540 m³
  • Total Volume: 2.886.103 m³
  • Volume available with the reprofiling: 3.791.511 m³
  • Project period: 2016
  • Assignment: Progettazione definitiva
  • Cost: 39.746.030,62 €


  • Expected disposal: 700.000 t/anno
  • Expected operating life: 6 anni
  • Days of disposal per year: 320
  • Maximum production of leachate expected: 50 m³/giorno
  • Maximum theoretical biogas production expected: 5÷15 Nm³/tRifiuto x anno

Accessory equipment

  • Leachate treatment system with a potential 50 m³/day
  • Biogas treatment: cogeneration system for production of electric energy

Plant description

The project constitutes substantial change of AIA authorization, obtained with decree n. 649 11/20/2012. In particular, the operation involves the realization of a third basin, more than two authorized, with a volume of about 970.000 m³.

It was expected, an increase in the volume by means exhausted basins reprofiling, to fill the sects interposed between them, and restore original contiguous orography of natural declivity.

This solution will make possible the streamlining of bindings, and when the basins filling (basin A and B) will be complete, will be installed a provisional cover (capping), waiting for to start the definitive reprofiling.

Like the other two basins, the third basin will be equipped of a double collection grid of leachate, produced by waste accepted. This collection grid will be composed, of a principal grid for the ordinary drainage, and of a secondary grid for security.

The grids will come in to two separate collection and recovery wells, in this way, is possible to stock the leachate in to aboveground steel tank, located in a containment tank to avoid leachate accidental spills. The leachate will be launched, to the predicted treatment plant for this landfill, and equipped of a osmosis and ultrafiltration section. The clarified will be launched, to the individuate receiving water. The concentrate produced, from depurative section, will be pumped on the head of landfill and infiltrated in the waste by means a piping installation.

During the closure of the first two authorized basins, will be implemented the biomethane extraction plant composed of vertical wells with rays of influence about of 20 m, extraction substations for the condensate discharge and pumping to the electrical generation system composed of endothermic engines.