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Plant data


Location: Catania, c.da CodaVolpe ( Italia)

  • Coord. UTM (Fuso 33S): 502,872 E – 4,493,845 N
  • Design Period: 2018
  • AssignmentExecutive planning and construction management

Technical data

Details and type Treatments:

  • Plant capacity: 500 m3/day
  • Amount of clarified permeate: 430 m3/day
  • Amount of concentrate: 70 m3/day

Plant Description

The treatment plant run completely automatic and provides remote control and remote diagnosis; the plant is equipped with an MMI interface and a SCADA system complete with a telephone modem.

Thanks to the SCADA system and to the connection to the plant PLC, it is also possible to obtain alarm reports and data of normal process operation remotely. Lastly, remote controls can also concern specific functions, linked to the possible variation of the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the leachate inlet and, consequently, of those of the outgoing permeate.

In the normal operating conditions of the plant, moreover, an operator will carry out at least one daily visit to the plant, in order to carry out checks on the mechanical parts, on the process and for maintenance in general.