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Plant for the production of high-quality compost

Plant Data


Location: Casal di Principe, Caserta (Italy)

  • Plant surface: 25,600 m2
  • Design Period: 2019
  • Task assignment and carried out: Final design

Technical data

Details and type Treatments:
  • Accelerated bio-oxidation
  • Biocells: no.5, 550 m3 each
  • Potential: 30,000 t / y
  • Product compost: 8,700 t / y
  • Air treatment: 210,000 m3/h

Plant description

Owac Engineering Company together with Technital S.r.L., a company based in Verona and I.A. Consulting S.r.L., which is based in  Naples, has started the final design of a composting plant in the Municipality of Casal di Principe, the first project which the three companies has been developing as part of the Framework agreement signed with the Campania Region to design plants for the treatment of organic waste.

Together with the design of the process and the layout of equipment, a careful study of the landscape integration of the volumes in the project is also carried out to limit the short and long distance visual impacts without renouncing the recognizability (brandization) of the Campania Region.