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Plant data


  • Location:  Catania
  • Coord. UTM (Zone 33S):
    505,220 E – 4,137,596 N
  • Site area: 9.00 ha
  • Built shed surface: 11,000 m²
  • Designed shed surface: 8,000 m²
  • Design level: the system is authorized AIA (Environmental Integrated Authorization) by D.R.S. n. 248 of 26/03/2009
  • Design period: 2011
  • Assignment: Final design
  • Estimated Cost: 76,300,00.00 €


  • Operations according to All. B and C at Part IV of D.Lgs. 152/06 s.m.i.: D10, R1
  • Estimated capacity:
    200.000 ton/year
    24 ton/hour
  • Inlet waste: non hazardous waste from mechanical screening and biological treatment by the built system
  • Treatment lines:
    n. 4 gasification lines (primary chamber) and n. 4 oxidation chambers
    n. 4 boilers (HRSG)
    n. 1 steam turbine
    n. 1 air cooled condenser for exhaust steam

Accessory equipment

  • Flue gas treatment: n. 4 baghouses (one for each process line), n. 2 lime and carbon silos and n. 2 filter dust silos
  • Control and monitoring system (a main PLC for each process line and an additional PLC for common equipment)
  • Emission measurement and control system (one for each line)


Plant description

The designed plant regards the implementation (with accepting of restrictions) of the gasification unit which is authorized by AIA decree (D.R.S. 248 of 26/03/2009) and is dedicated to the MSW mechanical screening plant. The system is designed in a 4 line plant, with each line processing a nominal 6 t/h of special non hazardous waste resulting from MSW mechanical-biological treatment. The furnaces for each of the 4 lines will have separate gasification (or primary) and oxidation (or secondary) chambers arranged in a ‘single-box’ type configuration. The produced Syngas will be provided to 4 heat recovery steam generators (HRSG) each of which will be rated to produce 16.4 MW of thermal output in the form of superheated steam at 23 bar (absolute) and 380 °C. The steam from the boilers will be supplied to a single Steam Turbine which shall nominally generate 16.5MW of electricity at the site wide HV network generator terminal metering point. The steam from the turbine will exhaust into an air cooled condenser, which will nominally operate at a pressure of 0.1 mbara.
Each line of gasification is equipped with a a bag house filter, located downstream the HRSG, which is based on injection of lime and carbon into the flue-gas for absorption of acid components, heavy metals, mercury, TOC and dioxins.
The plant is also equipped with a control and monitoring system, which performs automatic control of the process and emissions from the flue gas stack. Each process line is equipped with a main control PLC and an additional PLC that serves the common equipment. All process control and monitoring computers and PLCs are powered via an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) which has a nominal thirty minute capacity.