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Plant data


  • Location:  Catenanuova (EN)
  • Coord. UTM (Zone 33S):
    471,770 E – 4,157,660 N
  • Site area: 7,800 m²
  • Implant area: 4,900 m²
  • Scrapping vehicles area: 3,600 m²
  • WEEE storage area: 1,300 m²
  • Covered areas: 1,560 m²
  • Construction period: under construction
  • Assignment: Final design, Environmental Impact Study and AIA (Environmental Integrated Authorization) proceedings
  • Amount of work: 1,120,951.54 €


  • Operations according to All. B and C at Part IV of D.Lgs. 152/06 s.m.i.: R13
  • Expected potentiality:
    1,500 vehicles/year
    1,100 ton/year of WEEE
  • Expected working days per year: 350
  • Incoming vehicles storage area: 340 m²
  • WEEE storage area: 670 m²
  • Waste oil storage capacity: 500 liters
  • Leachate storage: 150 m³
  • Rain water storage: 60 m³

Accessory equipment

  • Fixed installation of detection and extinguishing fires constituted by a distribution ring equipped with n.1 hydrant UNI70 and n. 5 UNI45 hydrants within the buildings
  • Mobile systems shutdown: 50 kg wheeled fire extinguishers and 6 kg  portable


Plant description

The system is configured as a center for the remediation and the safety recovery of materials and the scrapping of motor vehicles and trailers and for the retention and the recovery of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) ensuring an integrated waste management in order to minimize the impact on the environment and to recover all the materials and energy as possible.
The plant has been designed in accordance with the “regional plan for the area of collection centers for the safety, demolition, material recovery and destruction of motor vehicles and trailers”, for the treatment of approximately 1,500 vehicles per year. It may also receive, for storage and later retrieval, a quantity of WEEE of about 1,100 ton/year.
The industrial site covers an area of approximately 4,900 m2 and consists of two main sections: the first is intended to motor vehicles out of order and the second to the storage of WEEE; the  motor vehicles scrapping area, of about 3,600 m2, consists of two main open areas for the storage of the vehicles incoming and outgoing (destined to pressing/crushing) and a shed in which all the dismantling operations, storage and retrieval of motor vehicles out of order are carried out.
The storage area of WEEE, of approximately 1,300 m2, is instead made up of a single building, in which the incoming WEEE and parts/hazardous waste are stored and where reusable components are disassembled and stored.
Particular attention has been paid to the design of networks of separate waste water (industrial water, rain water and civil wastewater), in order to preserve the environmental matrices involved (soil, subsoil and underground water).