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“Sicula Compost” composting plant construction work

Plant Data


Location: Catania ( Italia)

  • Coord. UTM (Fuso 33S): 502,872 E – 4,493,845 N
  • Surface: 27000 m2
  • Design Period: 2017
  • Assignment: Executive planning and construction management

Technical data


  • mechanical pre-tratments
  • organic treatments (total Period 90 days):
    • Accelerated biuo-oxidation: within 10 biocells, 2706.25 m2, lasting 21 days;
    • Slow maturation, first phase: : 3063 m2, lasting 42 days;
    • Slow maturation, second phase: 1600 m2, lasting 27 days;
  • Final refining
  • Finished production storage
  • Potentiality: 70.000t/year

Description of the Plan

Work is underway on the “Sicula Compost” composting plant, located in C.da Grotte S. Giorgio (CT) and authorized with D.D.S. 120 of 12/02/2014 and subsequent D.D.G.1212 of 05/09/2016. The construction of the plant, within which about 70,000 t / year will be treated, is aimed at the production of compost through the recovery of non-hazardous biodegradable organic waste.

At the moment, the works are concentrated on the waterproofing phase of the waste collection area and of the biocells within which the main treatment cycle will be carried out. Soil protection will be ensured by the installation of a waterproofing package consisting of non-woven fabric of appropriate weight, 2.5 mm thick HDPE sheets and draining geocomposite.

In areas where the movement of waste is planned by mechanical means, concrete protection walls are being built.