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Plant data


Location: Reggio Calabria

Surface: 228.900 m2

Design level: International design competition, in accordance with art 99÷107 of Law Decree No. 163/2006 (D.Lgs. 163/2006) and further amendments, for the completion of the waterfront in Reggio Calabria.

Design period: 2007

Client: Municipality of Reggio Calabria

Partnership: Pro-geo and other

Project description

A careful and targeted requalification of the entire city waterfront, subject to appropriate and intelligent urban planning, can contribute to dismantle the heavy barriers that have been separating the city from the sea until now. This intervention helps the city to become polyvalent and get its beauty back again.

The recovery of beaches will be carried out by restoration works with sand taken from similar natural submarine accumulations and it will allow the formation of some “urban squares in the sea”, which can be considered, if correctly integrated in the overall project with services and infrastructures, as an accessible part of the city in the entire year and not only in summer.

The buildings in the two working areas must be a clearly visible and recognizable “symbol” in harmony with both the strait landscape and the prevailing urban morphology in the nearby. For this reason in the project a “horizontal guideline”, interrupted only by some essential elements that don’t alter the context, has been preferred to the natural and obvious “verticality” which is the typical coastal architecture. Therefore, the whole system can become a composition of several forms and dimensions of life: the daily one, which refers to the integrated usage of the surroundings; the periodic one, as a periodic repeated custom; the unusual one, which represents an extraordinary event.