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 Leachate/Biogas Extraction System Control


Monitoring system for leachate/biogas pumps:

The monitoring of leachate/biogas pumping system consists in two main elements:

  • the device for data acquisition, located in the well, hereinafter called Slave Device;
  • the device for data processing and sending to the monitoring portal, hereinafter called Master Device.

The Master Device regularly asks the Slave Devices located in the wells for the right working of pumps. The Slave Device, that is powered by Stand Alone System (photovoltaic panel, charge controller, backup battery), provides to the acquisition of operation data of the pump. The Slave Device, by Wi-Fi connection with Zigbee protocol, communicates the data to the Master Device. The Master Device processes the acquired data and send them to the Monitoring Portal for report any anomalies or failures.