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Spigot’s patent

Spigot with inverted profile for air insufflation in insufflate plates


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n° 402019000000070
n° 202018000005074



The current system involves the installation of a U-shaped profile on the head of the spigot, during the assembly of the paving reinforcement. The removal operation, performed by hammering the element to facilitate its detachment, causes chipping or breaking. Moreover, the shape of the furrow favors the deposition of material which, by compacting, gives rise to two other problems. The first is related to the possible breaking due to the crushing of the underlying spigot, the second is linked to the accumulation and the compaction of material deposited during the operating phase.


3 - Spigot singolo

A first advantage lies in the ease and rapidity of assembly during the construction of the flooring, the lugs of the spigot play the role of supports and guides for the metal profile. The latter, once placed in its housing, is already perfectly centered with the nozzles and leveled horizontally, with a considerable saving of time and labor.

The second advantage concerns the maintenance phase of the insufflated pit. The inverted position of the profile, embedded in the casting, implies a greater resistance of the system since the spigot is protected by the metallic element which, due to the arc effect, deviates the voltages transmitted by the wheel of the vehicle towards the lateral areas of the spigot avoiding damage to the head . Finally, the particular shape of the profile avoids the accumulation and subsequent compaction of material on the furrow with considerable time saving and easy cleaning during maintenance.