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A career that fits your calling

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Problem solvers and creative thinkers. Engineers and new business builders. Put your talents to use where opportunities are limitless and every day makes a difference.

Whether you’re an experienced professional or a recent graduate, working with McKinsey could be a challenging and rewarding next step in your career.

Our value system

In Owac we believe in meritocracy, which is why the classification in the company roles we have chosen embraces different levels of growth. Everyone can get where they deserve.

New Entry

This role is dedicated to new entry into the company, it will be important to tune in to company procedures and start to develop team spirit, preparing for the young level.


It has consolidated and will be able to certify the activities envisaged by the “new entry” role, with continuity, for an appreciable period of time.

Junior I level

Will have the ability to fully manage parts of a job, interfacing with the customer in the progress of their work and starting to coordinate the young colleagues transferring the sense of responsibility and consolidating the modus operandi.

Junior II level

It will have to fully manage parts of several different orders, at the same time, interfacing both with the customer and with the administrations, will be able to prepare documents for the parts of its competence, discriminate the criticality by interfacciandosi strongly with the person in charge of the contract. It will be responsible for defining the work with respect to the assigned deadlines

Senior level I

Ability to fully manage an entire job, interfacing with the client or administrations in a resolute way, becoming a reference model for the team. Strongly result oriented will have full responsibility in defining the work with respect to the scheduled deadlines.

Senior level II

Same skills as the senior level I, but extended to more jobs. Identification of the consultancy necessary for the development of job orders, looking at strategic choices, quantifying opportunities and profits.

Senior level III

The same skills as the Senior I and II level, will coordinate the other Senior with the purpose of contributing strongly to the progress of the company. It will have the ability to develop the sectors of corporate interest, bringing innovation and stimulating interest in the company team. Full autonomy in closing cooperation agreements or in the acquisition of new contracts.


Recognized capacity of management and representation, independently, of the company, with respect to all the activities carried out by Owac. Ability to identify strategies for business development and to make them profitable both in terms of professionalism and revenues.




  • Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering – Specialization in Environment and Territory
  • Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering – Specialization in Structures and Geotechnics
  • Master’s Degree in Electronic Engineering
  • Master’s Degree in Architecture
  • Industrial experts
  • Surveyors


  • Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering – Specialization in Environment and Territory
  • Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering – Specialization in Structures and Geotechnics
  • Master’s Degree in Architecture


  • Surveyor’s Diploma

Owac uses the data sent by this form and the data included in the Curriculum Vitae attached to the exclusive selection of personnel. The data will be held and stored for two years at our office and will not be disclosed to third parties.

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