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PV System Control



  • Check of the correct operation of the interface protection;
  • Check inverter operation;
  • Inspection of photovoltaic modules;
  • Measurement of Electrical Dimension (DC and AC);
  • Measurement of insulation resistance between panels and earth;
  • External electrical wiring;Cleaning modules (with water or specific products);
  • Check electrical continuity of grounding;
  • Control metal structure;
  • Internal electrical wiring;
  • Control of inverters and inside electrical panels;
  • Calculation performance system.

For electrical cabins:

  • Measurements of soil resistivity near sinks;
  • Control of the switches of medium voltage;
  • Control of the junction box and low voltage and overvoltage protection inspection;
  • Control panels junction and distribution;
  • Thermic checks of transformers;
  • Verification of the general conditions of isolation and tightening of the transformers;
  • Control obstructions presence in cooling channels;
  • Control connection thermic probes;
  • Inspection of ventilation system;
  • Visual inspection of the construction (internal and external);
  • Cleaning of the ventilation system cabin;
  • Cleaning of the station medium voltage;
  • Maintenance of the constructuion (water infiltration, breaking windows, etc.).